Gold and Silver

When you are cleaning out your old jewelry, you can’t trust mail-in gold and silver buy-back programs. Often, they seem too good to be true because they are. They promise top dollar for your items, but never let you know the market price. Sometimes, they don’t pay up at all!

San Antonio Jewelry does things differently. We take the time to examine all of your valuable items and provide an in-depth market analysis on each one of them. Our experts buy gold, silver, jewelry, precious stones, Rolex watches, and so much more for a price you’ll be happy with. We do things the right way because we truly appreciate your business. 

Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion

Interested in Gold and Silver coins and bullion?  The experts at San Antonio Jewelry enjoy taking you step by step through the process and making recommendations to help guide you.  The prices we quote are only market indications as we don’t do gold and silver transactions over the phone or through email, but once you come in we give you exact prices.

Whatever type of service you’re looking for, San Antonio Jewelry will treat you right. As your local jeweler, we make it our mission to provide exceptional service when you are buying from us, selling to us, or simply enquiring about market values in general. Remember, San Antonio Jewelry is here for all your jewelry needs.

For more information about our gold and silver services, please feel free to give us a call at 210-493-7789.