Custom Design

There is nothing in the world like getting exactly what you want. The right designs, the right colors, the right materials, the right price – it all just fits and you treasure it forever. It’s your mind’s eye, made reality.

San Antonio Jewelry understands.

That’s why we offer all our valued customers the chance to custom design their jewelry down to the smallest detail. We use your existing pieces to get a feel for your sense of style, talk you through all your options then use the most modern, computerized 3D CAD technology to really bring it to life. With our projects, there is a truly unique metamorphosis that takes place that our customers love to see.

And, not to worry, you never have to fret over any possible duplication. Due to our personalized consultations with you, every piece that we custom design is unique. Your idea of beauty is as special and singular as you are and that really shines through in our pieces. We have been designing custom jewelry for more than 30 years, and we know that our customers expect the very best. And that’s what we deliver, with your help, every time.

For more information about our customer capabilities, or to schedule your own personalized appointment, please feel free to give us a call at 210-493-7789.