At San Antonio Jewelry, all our services are designed to provide you with the personalized, easy experience you’ve been searching for. Our highly-trained staff of jewelry experts has the experience and capabilities to offer you the services and value you need.

Please take some time to check out all we can do for you below:

Custom Design

Want to design a piece as unique as you are? Talk to our in-house designers and let them bring your vision to life! Our custom-designed pieces are stunning, well-made, and completely one-of-a-kind.


Do you know what your jewelry is worth on today’s market? Want to find out? With our professional appraisal services, we can tell you exactly what all your valuables will fetch from interested buyers and give you the resources to move your pieces, too!

Jewelry Repair

If your jewelry is damaged or worn, it can’t shine like it’s supposed to! Bring it into our repair specialists at San Antonio Jewelry, and we’ll make it like new again! We have the time, tools, and expertise you’ve been searching for.

Gold & Silver

Today, precious metals are more precious than ever! That is why we specialize in all kinds of gold and silver for all our customers. Coins, jewelry, watches - San Antonio Jewelry will take it all and give you top dollar for all your efforts.

For more information about all our services, or to schedule your own personalized appointment with us,
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