The neck can be the most alluring part of someone. But, it must be draped with the most beautiful accents to really bring out its true purpose. San Antonio Jewelry has the inventory to do just that.

We can combine precious stones, precious metals, and your natural, lovely look to create something truly amazing. No matter if you know exactly what you need, have a general idea, or are totally beginning in your selection process, we’ll help you locate the ideal necklace from our inventory, guaranteed.

Here, we make it our mission to offer you everything you want in a necklace, all at a price that fits your budget and your needs.

Please take a look at a small sample of our inventory below then call us at 210-493-7789 for information about present availability. 

SKU: 165-00256
SKU: 165-00227
SKU: 165-00219
SKU: 165-00254
SKU: 165-00253
SKU: 165-00255
SKU: 165-00258
SKU: 165-00257
SKU: 165-00252
SKU: 165-00208
butterfly pendant
SKU: 165-00285
SKU: 165-00268
SKU: 165-00266
SKU: 160-00556
heart pendant
SKU: 160-00481
SKU: 160-00495

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